Tags to Groups Migration: SSO Tags for User Access


JumpCloud’s Groups are a key part of user and system management within the JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service® platform. The feature is built to help admins create a collection of objects, like varying systems or users, and easily connect them with other objects. By building an association between the two items, admins are able to control which objects or users have access to which resources. This could mean applications, networks, systems, file servers, or any IT resources that a end user might need access to.

This new feature is replacing JumpCloud’s Tags, and as a result if your organization is not already on Groups then it will soon be migrated. In order to help admins be prepared for this upcoming transition, we put together a YouTube playlist that contains multiple videos on exactly what the migration process will look like. In this episode of the Tags to Groups Migration series, we look at SSO Tags for user access to applications and how they behave in the migration. You can find the “Tags to Groups Migration | SSO Tags for User Access” video below:

More About SSO With JumpCloud

JumpCloud’s SSO capabilities are just another one of our features that help admins connect their users to IT resources. To see a guide to getting started with JumpCloud SSO, visit our Knowledge Base.

The process to set up a SSO connection to a user is simple. First go to the Applications tab, and click the green plus icon to add a new application (if it isn’t configured already). Once the desired application is configured, you can connect users to it. Find the individual user or group of users that you wish to connect to an application, and click on them. Navigate to the Applications section within the user or group, and select the application(s) that you wish to connect with. Then, click the save button on the bottom right, and you are finished. It’s as simple as that. Once complete, all users that you enabled the application for will be able to use their JumpCloud credentials to access it.

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