PureSec Receives Best Serverless Security Award and Launches State of Serverless Security Survey

We are extremely excited to share that we are the winners of the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in the Serverless Security category.

We see it as a testimony that the industry realizes serverless architectures mandate a new approach for application security, one that is 100% serverless and was designed specifically for serverless applications from the ground up.

In order to continue to lead this emerging market, we are launching today the first State of Serverless Security Survey. We see great importance in drawing attention to this issue, as we continue to realize in meetings with customers that a big part of the problem is that the industry in not aware enough of the security issue. Some assume it is covered by their existing security solutions, others rely on the serverless provider to provide the required security, and there is simply lack of understanding that the security matter is falling through the cracks.

We call the industry to take part in the surv

ey and contribute to the effort to bring data and best practices to the Serverless space. We will share the results in a comprehensive report later this year.


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