New Guide on How to Clean a Hacked Website

Our mission at Sucuri is to make the internet a safer place and that entails cleaning up hacked websites. We have teams who actively research website vulnerabilities and who are eager to share with you some tips on how to clean your hacked website.

We are happy to help the community learn the steps they can follow to get rid of a website hack.

You can find all our guides to website security in a section of our website dedicated to providing concise and comprehensive tips on different areas of website security.

There, you will also find guides on how to clean the major CMS websites. You can access them here:

This year we decided to create a guide that can be used by anyone who has a website, no matter if you use a CMS or not.

A Guide to Fix Hacked Websites

Our content, web design, and development teams have put together a brand new guide to walk users through the process of identifying and clearing a website hack, as well as ensuring post-hack actions are taken.

This guide will offer an appropriate foundation for resolving a security incident.

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We look forward to receiving feedback on the guide so we can continue to improve it. These guides are integral to our vision of becoming a constant in the evolving landscape of website security. We can’t do that without you, our community of loyal blog readers.

To make this guide even more valuable, we welcome insights from everyone. If you find it useful and want to suggest an update, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with us by emailing:

If you have difficulty with the guide and want a hand we are here to help you. If you are ready to add a complete website security solution to your websites and not worry about being hacked anymore, take your time to learn how we can help you fix and prevent any hacks.

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