Many Popular Smart TVs Have Serious Vulnerabilities

Consumer Reports from publisher Consumers Union is a magazine that’s been dedicated to providing consumers with unbiased information about products and services since 1930. So basically, they’ve been doing what they’re known for longer than most of us have been alive. That’s pretty impressive when you think about it.

Here’s something that should be of interest to those of us in the cybersecurity community: Consumer Reports is starting to become a useful source of security information pertaining to consumer software and the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT consumer devices have exploded in recent years. There are now all sorts of IoT devices that people can buy for their homes, ranging from Amazon Echo to kitchen appliances to entertainment devices for your living room.

The Digital Standard

The Digital Standard is a collaborative effort which includes Consumer Reports, security researchers, and digital privacy advocates. From The Digital Standard’s homepage:

“The Digital Standard is an ambitious, open, and collaborative effort to create a digital privacy and security standard to help guide the future design of consumer software, digital platforms and services, and Internet-connected products.

The standard defines and reflects important consumer values that must be addressed in product development: electronics and software-based products should be secure, consumer information should be kept private, ownership rights of consumers should be maintained, and products should be designed to combat harassment and help protect freedom of expression.

Our goals are to enable consumer organizations to test, evaluate, and report on whether new products protect consumer security and privacy, and to empower consumers to make smarter choices about the products they buy.”

For a publication founded all the way back in 1930, Consumer Reports sure is keeping up with the Information Age! The Smart TV vulnerabilities I’ll report here were discovered through Digital Standard research.

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