Is there a Managed Alternative to Active Directory®?

Is there a Managed Alternative to Active Directory®

Modern day IT organizations are moving to more managed solutions than ever before. It comes as no surprise either, due to the sheer amount of work that IT admins can off-load to third party providers in the process. As the world continues to move to this managed solution style of IT, the big question is what’s next? The answer is the directory. Many IT admins are asking whether or not there is a managed alternative to Active Directory®, and in this post we will answer that question.

Why a Managed Active Directory is Desired

Why a Managed Alternative to Active Directory

The identity and access management arena has been slow to make the move to the cloud and SaaS-based solutions. It’s not without good reason though. With security concerns about the storage of identities and a historical approach to on-prem identity management, the concept of a managed alternative to AD is one that takes some time for IT admins to get used to. Active Directory has been the core of all identity management strategies for almost two decades now, and not having total control over the solution would be scary. AD’s difficulties with connecting to resources that aren’t on-prem complicate the move even furthur.

The benefits of the approach, however, would be significant. With a managed alternative to Active Directory, IT organizations could off-load the installation, configuration, management, and maintenance of their AD instance. With this setup, IT admins would then be free to focus on their other core priorities, and could leave the responsibilities of taking care of the infrastructure to others. So do one of these setups exist?

Finding a Managed Alternative to Active Directory

Finding a Managed Alternative to Active Directory

Unfortunately, a completely managed Active Directory, or what some might call Active Directory as-a-Service, just doesn’t exist – at least not from Microsoft®.

What does exist from Microsoft is Azure® Active Directory. While many admins may think of it as a cloud version of AD, it actually isn’t the virtual replacement for the on-prem AD that IT is searching for. Effectively, Azure AD is more of a complement to Active Directory. The core identity is (Read more...)

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