How to Hack into an Instagram Account

When I’m not studying videos of raccoons online (know your enemy!), I’m fielding requests from wannabe hackers all around the world because I work for Hacker Highschool. So, wannabe hackers tend to think our curriculum is there as a checklist of scriptkiddie tools that lets them DoS your online competition of Banjo Hero or creep into private Instagram accounts.

And it is. But it isn’t.

First, I recognize that hacking an Instagram password is wrong. I get it. Even if it’s their brother’s Instagram account they want to get into. Because it’s family that makes it okay, I guess. So yes, it’s illegal, but being illegal doesn’t make it wrong. But it’s wrong because guessing a password isn’t hacking, and not because it’s their brother. And this is why so many nascent hacker-wannabes who want to learn hacking don’t really want to learn hacking. They want to learn computer magic, and it doesn’t really work like that.

How it works is actual work. And it’s a grind sometimes. What’s strange is that so many people today can spend actual days virtually cutting virtual trees in a virtual world to get to level three tree warrior, but won’t spend an hour trying requests through Tamper Data to understand how Instagram on the web is authenticating people differently than the app. Strange because both are really not much more than pushing a cursor around a screen.

So, teaching you hacking is partly about teaching you how to set up and execute a kind of work grind. Then there’s the mindset thing too. But you know what, you need a mindset to get your butt out of bed and go to work too, and that trumps the hacker mindset in the mornings. So, let’s leave the hacker mindset for those who already (Read more...)

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