Guns, hoaxes and propaganda

Mostly, I keep my thoughts on gun control to myself – on social media, at any rate – except when spammed by the NRA, which hasn’t happened lately. Let’s just say that I find it hard to empathize with gun culture, but realize that the US is a very different country to the one in which I grew up, and I’ve grown weary of the to-and-fro misrepresentation of shooting statistics that seems to dominate the arguments on Facebook and elsewhere.

However, the still-spreading meme that identifies Democrats rather than conservatives or NRA members as implicated in assassination attempts and other shootings looks very much like an example of political propaganda that dovetails into the hoaxes that were the original target of this web site. And I would at least recommend that you check the facts before spreading it.

Here’s an analysis from Snopes: Is this List of Democrat Shooters Accurate? concludes that “A viral list of dozens of shootings purportedly committed by Democrats is based on faulty, inaccurate, and unsubstantiated claims.”

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