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Google recently reported that G Suite and Google Cloud Platform™ are bringing in $1 billion per quarter, and that G Suite has grown to about four million paying customers. Google’s growing success with its cloud offerings have made many in the IT industry curious about its moves in the single sign-on industry. Can a G Suite SSO solution from Google really compete with other major players in the SSO space? Can Google’s take on SSO enable IT admins to better centralize their environment around a single set of credentials?

Let’s answer these questions by taking a look at Google’s approach to identity management.

Google Identity Management with G Suite SSO

Google IAM with G Suite SSO

Google’s focus when it comes to identity management has been to help IT organizations manage user access to Google services like G Suite, Google Cloud Platform, and AdWords. Google’s version of SSO also integrates with a few third party applications, but Google is not striving to offer a full-scale SSO solution for every app possible.

This approach to SSO is fine if your environment consists of mostly Google services and if all you care is about SSO for web apps. However, the typical modern IT environment is much more complex than that. What about managing WiFi access or a cross-platform environment that has Mac, Linux, and Windows® systems? Also, many IT environments are still using on-prem file storage and LDAP-based applications. Google’s G Suite SSO solution doesn’t connect with any of these IT resources.

Google G Suite SSO is pretty limited

If you’re using Google as your sole source of identity management, then you are quite familiar with the inability to properly manage access to your systems, on-prem applications, file storage, and networks. So, you shouldn’t expect to be able to centralize your whole IT environment with Google’s G Suite SSO solution.

But most Google shops don’t want to turn to an on-prem IAM solution like Microsoft® Active Directory®. Most organizations that are considering G Suite for SSO are cloud-forward. In fact, it is expected that 72% of IT organizations using G Suite will run their whole environment in the cloud by (Read more...)

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