Can I Replace AD with JumpCloud?

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This may not come as a surprise, but one question that we often get asked is whether or not JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® (DaaS) can act as a replacement for Active Directory®. The short answer is yes! That is exactly what we created this platform to be, and we are continuing to add and improve the platform with that goal in mind. The longer answer is that everyone’s infrastructure is unique, and there are key differences between JumpCloud and Active Directory. To get the answer to whether or not you can replace AD with JumpCloud for your specific environment, we recommend that you contact our sales specialists here.

But why are organizations trying to replace AD with JumpCloud, and what is the draw of the cloud-based directory JumpCloud offers? Those question will be answered in the following blog post, along with further details about the JumpCloud platform and the process of migrating away from AD.

Why Replace AD?

Active Directory Server fail

The IT community has been intimately familiar with Microsoft® Active Directory since the platform’s debut in 1999. In fact, AD has held a near-monopoly in the directory services space for nearly two decades now. Microsoft was able to parlay their dominance in the enterprise with Windows systems and solutions into dominance in the directory services market. Back in 2000, nearly 97% of all devices in use were running Microsoft operating systems (Forbes). With this kind of an environment in the office, it just made sense to go with a Microsoft tool to manage them as well.

While Active Directory worked fine in the past, it has struggled to keep pace with fast-paced changes in the IT environment. When everything was Microsoft and on-prem, AD had no problem integrating with everything admins needed it to. Now, Microsoft only accounts for around 20% of the devices in use (Forbes). With the advent of web applications, cloud servers hosted at AWS and GCP, Mac and Linux systems, cloud and physical storage solutions such as NAS appliances and Samba file servers, and many other non-Windows solutions, the connectivity Active Directory once had (Read more...)

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