Budgeting for Active Directory: Mac and Linux Binding

Budgeting for Active Directory: Mac and Linux Binding

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It’s no surprise that the price of Microsoft Active Directory® at face value doesn’t fully represent its costs. What does come as a surprise to many though is how substantial the additional costs can be. More often than not, companies will under-estimate the required funds when budgeting, and not allocate enough funds initially to fully cover the long-term costs. This can result in Active Directory putting a serious wrench in the budget and cause IT departments to defer the purchase of other essential solutions. In our previous blog post on how to budget for Active Directory, we went through all of the underlying costs briefly. In this blog post, we will break down the costs for Mac and Linux binding a little more thoroughly.

Mac and Linux Binding

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When AD was introduced, the common workplace environment was very Windows centric. Almost every machine in the office was a Windows product, so it made sense to get a Windows directory to manage it all. However, in the 20 years that have passed since AD was introduced, a lot has changed. One of the largest factors that has changed is the variety of operating systems that are being used in the office. With Mac machines, Linux machines, and even iOS/Android devices becoming massively popular in recent years, it is no surprise that people have begun to want to use them at work as well. As a matter of fact, a recent Forbes post detailed that 4 out of 5 devices are now non-Windows devices. With this surge in popularity, IT admins have had to find ways to bind their Mac and Linux devices to AD. The costs to use these identity bridge solutions is another of the hidden expenses of AD.

Active Directory’s Challenge: Binding to Non-Windows Resources

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With so many companies having mixed environments, it’s rare to come across (Read more...)

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