Budgeting for Active Directory: Infrastructure

Budgeting for Active Directory: Infrastructure

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It is common knowledge that Microsoft® Active Directory’s® listed price is not the complete cost. However, far fewer understand how significant the full cost can be. It is all too common for the values you had modeled when implementing AD to not end up covering the full cost. On top of that, the service may not be as effective as you need it to be, thus incurring additional costs. In our previous blog post on how much to budget for Active Directory, we went through all of the underlying costs briefly. In this blog post, we will focus on the infrastructure cost component of AD and break it down a little more thoroughly.


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Infrastructure can encompass a broad range of topics. In regards to IT, infrastructure refers to the framework that supports your organization, generally composed of physical / virtual resources that support the flow, storage, processing, and analysis of data (Techtarget). Active Directory is a central component to the infrastructure for many organizations worldwide. But there are hardware requirements for AD as well. This typically comes in the form of physical or virtual servers, and load balancers.

Active Directory Infrastructure Requirements

The storage racks

When you’re building out a directory, like a series of domain controllers, you need the technical platforms to host it all on. You typically have two options when looking for these technical platforms. The first is physical servers. These, you can walk into a server closet and touch. The second is virtual infrastructure, which may be similar to your physical infrastructure but perhaps is hosted in your colocation centre. Virtual infrastructure could also potentially be through one of your cloud based infrastructure providers like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and so on. Often times many of the companies have managed services to host your AD instance, but this is just another cost that you need to build in, as well (Read more...)

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