BGU Security Researchers Urge Physicians to Patch Their Systems

via Zaid Shoorbajee – reporting for Cyberscoop, comes a story of security entropy, this time in medical imaging device system patching and an esteemed University’s research targeting those systems. In this case, a research paper from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Malware-Lab yielded good (but not-necessarily-acted-upon-advice) to Medical Professionals: Patch Your Flawed Imaging Systems…

‘“In cases where even a small delay can be fatal, or where a dangerous tumor is removed or erroneously added to an image, a cyberattack can be fatal,” said Tom Mahler, an author on the paper. “However, strict regulations make it difficult to conduct basic updates on medical PCs, and merely installing anti-virus protection is insufficient for preventing cyber-attacks.” ‘ – Zaid Shoorbajee – reporting for Cyberscoop


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