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Earlier this year, we announced the partnership between Avast and Vodafone to create a specialized family safety app for three million Vodafone customers in the Czech Republic. On October 1, the Vodafone Family Security app was launched for Android 5.0 and higher. Next month, the app goes live for iOS X and higher.

The app is designed to help parents keep their children safe online by allowing them to:

  • Filter content according to age groups

  • Filter and disable unsuitable websites and apps, such as those that promote gambling, violent content, and adult content

  • Block internet access and limit the time children spend online, for example by only allowing children to browse during certain hours of the day

  • Set up safe locations in the app, such as school or a friend’s house, which will always send notifications when the child arrives at one of them

Our partnership with Vodafone, focused on developing and delivering a customized version of our parental control app, demonstrates the value of our carrier collaboration strategy. Mobile devices provide convenience for families on the go, but they also create challenges, as children can be exposed to inappropriate content. Parents using our app will be able to ensure their children are digitally safe, through the management of their web and app access, as well as physically safe, through the app’s ability to pinpoint physical location.

“At Vodafone, we’re constantly trying to understand our customers’ needs,” Petr Dvorak, CEO of Vodafone Czech Republic comments. “We see a clear requirement by parents to protect their children in the online world. According to the most recent EU Kids online study, the vast majority of children access the internet via mobile devices. We see ourselves as mobile operators in charge of providing parental control features, and Avast is a strong partner and trusted brand who already has a track record in providing strong solutions.”

Later this year, Vodafone Czech Republic will offer the Vodafone Security app, also based on Avast mobile security technology. The new app will protect Vodafone customers from mobile cyberthreats and risks including malware, Wi-Fi vulnerabilities, and device loss.

Avast partners globally with a number of carriers, including all major mobile carriers in the United States, to provide carrier grade solutions covering on-device, data, physical and network protection.

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