Like everyone else coming into 2018, I have a zillion articles and emails I need to catch up on.

While working through my list of “to reads/to do’s”, I happened upon this article and was excited to see the discussion of 2018 DevOps in@SDTimes. Being in my new role here @securecodewarrior, I am keenly aware of the pressures dev teams and infosec teams face on a daily basis… which is one of the key reasons I accepted the role here. We are building a Success team that is focused on identifying and driving value throughout customer environments.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this nugget of script: 

One of the biggest new approaches to come out of 2017 was the idea of DevSecOps. DevSecOps is a new notion that bakes security into the DevOps lifecycle in order to find and fix security vulnerabilities earlier and all throughout the life cycle for faster, higher quality code.

I don’t know if I would call DevSecOps a NEW approach, but I can definitely share that it is an approach that needs to be taken. Helping developers build secure code leads to less rework, shorter project timelines, and reduced security risks. 

If you haven’t checked out the article, click the link and take a read. 

As thousands of developers and tech managers descend on DeveloperWeek 2018 this week, let’s keep DevSecOps at the forefront of the conversation and be mindful that “everyone is responsible for security” and make this “new” approach old.