You’ve probably been hearing about the cloud a lot, and with the increasing number of businesses moving their data online, it’s obvious that cloud computing and security are here to stay!

With a number of benefits like data security, minimized risks, regulatory compliance, flexibility, round-the-clock availability, uninterrupted maintenance and support, and more, the cloud can help you manage your business easily. You also get to save on money and time that you can put into growing your business!

If you already know what advantages you can enjoy with the cloud but aren’t willing to move your data because of security concerns, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are 6 cloud security myths debunked for you.

  1. Cloud Is Unsafe

That cloud security is unsafe is probably the biggest myth that refuses to die! For non-IT people or those seeing off-premise security solutions for the first time, it’s hard to believe that data stored beyond their physical reach can actually be safe.

In reality, storing data on-premise and on your own servers isn’t the best way to protect it. The greatest form of defence comes in the form of strong governance, strict access rights, and diligent data monitoring, all of which can be deployed with cloud storage.

Also, consider that storing data on premises makes it vulnerable to potential natural disasters. If backups are created at an offsite location, the workaround approaches the same idea used for cloud security!

  1. Cloud Is Easier to Attack

It is believed that since the cloud is maintained by service providers managing data storage for others, it is more susceptible to threats. In fact, a primary benefit of cloud computing services is patching and security monitoring, which proves to be a deterrent to data breaches and information hacking.

Further to this, cloud security firewalls both internal (Read more...)