The protection of personal data has never been more important for organizations, but many still lag behind with securing that data. With compliance regulations such as HIPAA, PCI and GDPR top of mind for many, are organizations ensuring that personal data is protected at the organizational level? For companies both large and small, we’ve outlined four steps organizations can take to begin assessing personal data.

1. Define Protection of  Personal Data 

In May 2016, we discussed why real-time security detection matters in 6 warning signs of a Data Breach in Progress. This article notes the places within an organization’s network that should raise a red flag, or concern for a business.  The six signs of a data breach in-progress include:

  • Critical File Changes
  • Obvious Device Tampering
  • Locked User Accounts
  • Unusually Slow Internet or Devices
  • Abnormal Admin User Activity
  • Unusual Outbound Traffic

As noted by Luke Irwin, US companies take an average of (Read more...)