9 February marks the commencement of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Athletes from around the world will compete to achieve their lifelong dream of winning an Olympic medal. It’s a spectacle to behold, both online and in person. Digital attackers realize this; you can bet they will try and capitalize on the Games’ hype in order to prey upon unsuspecting spectators and web users.

As with any major event, we can expect to see a spike particularly in phishing, scams, and malware using the Olympic excitement to trick people into dropping their guard. Here are threats to keep your eye out for around this year’s Games and what you can do to defend yourself.


Whether it is the Olympics, the Super Bowl, or the World Cup, there will be offers for tickets and premium stream access that sound too good to be true. With that said, it’s important to only use official channels for gaining any kind of access. This is just as important for live streaming of the events as it is for any ticket offers. Illegitimate streaming services can be rife with malware like cryptocurrency miners, scripts which hijack your computer’s resources to mine for new cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Also ensure you are going to the official websites for purchasing merchandise. There will be a large number of sites claiming to sell discounted merchandise to steal your credit card information.


Along the lines of scams, you will see an uptick in phishing attempts. These are going to be mainly emails pretending to be part of the official Olympics or NBC. Their claims will vary and will include lures like free streaming access, other prizes, and requests to follow a link to confirm some information.

Avoid clicking links in emails you didn’t (Read more...)