Last time, I had the honor of speaking with Tiffany Gerstmar. Her work with the US Navy led to her become a cybersecurity policy professional.

In this final interview of the current series, I got to speak with Roselle Safran. Not unlike Tiffany, work in US government agencies also helped her to get where she is today. Now she’s the president of Rosint Labs, a cybersecurity firm.

Kim Crawley: Please tell me about what you do.

Roselle Safran: Currently, I am the president of Rosint Labs, where I provide operational and strategic advice and direction to cybersecurity teams, leaders, and startups. I also frequently speak on cybersecurity topics at conferences, in webinars, and in podcasts.

KC: Awesome! Tell me about the conferences you’ve participated in.

RS: I’ve spoken at SANS, ISC2, and Evanta conferences as well as several smaller ones. Most recently I presented at the Black Hat CISO Summit.

KC: What sort of topics have you spoken about?

RS: The topics have included security operations center (SOC) automation and optimization, building and instrumenting the next-generation SOC, using threat analysis in the SOC, new methods for managing the cybersecurity skills shortage, and proactive solutions to the IT staffing challenge.

KC: Tell me a bit more about Rosint Labs.

RS: Rosint Labs is the culmination of over a decade of experience working in various aspects of cybersecurity. From my past work in cybersecurity operations and in starting up a cybersecurity product company, I’ve developed a wide-breadth of knowledge in what makes a cybersecurity program run well and what can hamper productivity. I’m now applying what I’ve learned by providing consulting services to companies and government agencies that are looking to build or improve their cybersecurity programs.

KC: How did you get into a position where you could start Rosint (Read more...)