Why I started doing this blog

Why I started doing this blog

I wanted to write down my learnings ever since I started my professional career about 4 years ago. I never got around to doing it, partially because I was (and am) of the opinion that my insights aren’t necessarily new insights or help move the bar as I am not an engineer, and partially because I’m a lazy sloth.

Now, that opinion hasn’t changed. I did however come to realize that if these insights and learnings are new or exciting to me, they may also be new or exciting to other people. If however I turn out to be wrong, this is a shortcut to getting feedback and insights from people who have much more experience than I. You don’t learn or grow unless your perspectives and beliefs are challenged by other people’s perspectives, beliefs and experiences.

A training course focussed on scaling Agile I did in October (LeSS for anyone interested), spurred me to look up whether a lot of material on the combination of Agile, Organisational Design and Security existed. It turns out that this area doesn’t have much content on it. So it may be a solved problem, super boring or simply not something many people care about.

So I decided to write up some of my thoughts and ideas, put them out on the interwebs and be receptive to feedback and scrutiny.

Side benefits are also plenty. I notice that as I think more about Security “things”, I better understand them and build better, more thoughtful (whether it’s right or wrong) opinions about them. And hopefully my writing, drawing and storytelling skills will also improve over time. I also actually enjoy doing this and have that bit of adrenaline rush whenever I hit the “Publish” button.

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