Whiteboard Video: System Policies

Whiteboard Video System Policies

With the recent release of JumpCloud’s System Policies feature, many are wanting to get more insight into how it works. To improve customer understanding, JumpCloud’s Chief Product Officer Greg Keller has created a new whiteboard video. In it, he provides a detailed explanation of our System Policies feature, allowing admins to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of this feature and how it will work in your environment. This includes:

  • Accessing templates in the JumpCloud Policy Library
  • Creating policy instatiations to suit your needs
  • Applying policies to system groups
  • Using the JumpCloud agent to enforce policies on the system

Watch the “System Policies | Whiteboard Video” by clicking play on the video below.


If you would like to find additional information on System Policies, feel free to check out our website or our knowledge base articles on the topic.

More on JumpCloud’s System Policies

JumpCloud’s System Policies

System Policies have been a major part of IT for many years. Seen in the Active Directory® world as GPOs (Group Policy Objects), they enabled IT admins to have intricate control over the Windows® systems in their network. The challenge was that Microsoft’s GPOs only worked well for Windows machines. The result was that Mac and Linux platforms had to be managed manually or through a separate, siloed solution. The third option was to leave the Mac and Linux machines unmanaged and unsecured (all too common).

In any case, the lack of cross-platform functionality in system policies was not ideal for admins. This wasn’t as big of a problem when the amount of Mac and Linux platforms in the office was slim. But as we see both platforms rise in the enterprise, it is a challenge that needs to be faced. JumpCloud’s System Policies does just that, by functioning as a GPO-like system management tool that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

This cross-platform Policies feature provides a library of templates that admins can use to remotely configure and deploy specific settings to all of their systems. This enables the ability to enforce security standards (Read more...)

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