Webinar Announcement: Inside Qadars Banking Trojan

Next week we are publishing the latest white paper from our R.A.I.D. (Research, Analysis, and Intelligence Division) team that focuses on a particularly evasive threat, the Qadars Banking Trojan. 

This report will take you through a technical deep dive that highlights some of the intricacies that go into malware, how our team reverse engineered it, and the potential impact of said threat. You can also learn directly from our Malware Researcher, Jason Davison, on January 31 as we discuss Qadars during our next webinar.


Qadars is a sophisticated and dangerous trojan used for crimeware-related activities including banking fraud and credential theft. It implements multiple layers of anti-analysis mechanisms used to thwart reverse engineering attempts.

The Qadars Banking Trojan has been observed globally targeting well-known banks since 2013. The research in this white paper provides a detailed analysis of the banking trojan, discussing the obfuscation techniques, domain generation algorithm (DGA), communication protocols and data formatting, and social engineering techniques employed by the trojan .

Qadars Targeted Geolocations

qadar map.png


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