Web Tracker Purloins Passwords, The Hidden Login Field Gambit


Via the inimitable Catalin Cimpanu, comes this tale of web-based subterfuge that should enrage all legitimate users on our vaunted interwebs. In this case, the use of hidden login fields (and their parent forms) used by evil usage trackers on seemingly legit sites. Is it any wonder that the effort to block both web advertising and the evil cousin to such: Web Trackers (both nefarious and otherwise) is a growth business in the browser addon market? Read it and Weep My Friends, for the demise of both privacy and your personal authentication data.

“The two services are Adthink (audienceinsights.net) and OnAudience (behavioralengine.com), and Princeton researchers said they identified scripts from these two that collected login info on 1,110 sites found on the Alexa Top 1 Million sites list.’ – via Catalin Cimpanu writing at Bleeping Computer


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