The Complexity of Simplicity

Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure and honor to work in a number of diverse fields at successful companies both large and small. I have always had a burning passion for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. When I first met Stuart and the team at Cylance®, I was immediately seduced by the simplicity and elegance of their approach to security. It felt like a completely new and disruptive solution to the immense cybersecurity problem. I saw a company with a sense of purpose and a vision to make our planet a safer place. I was immediately hooked and gave an enthusiastic “YES!” to Stuart’s offer to come onboard as the President and COO of Cylance.

Why? – The Catalyst of Innovation

Simon Sinek gave a TEDx Talk in 2009 that examined why some organizations and individuals can be innovative while others cannot – even though they have the same access to capital, talent, and resources. In this talk, he presents the idea that true leadership and innovation is driven by focusing on first the “why” as opposed to the “how” and the “what”. He discusses how innovation starts with those that question the status quo and how ideas are spread by the people that believe in them.

When I joined Cylance, I was struck by one major differentiator between this company and the others, which is a clear and simple answer to why the company existed. Cylance exists to protect every person, system, and thing under the sun. A rather aspirational purpose I must confess, but Stuart spoke with such compassion, conviction, and confidence about how artificial intelligence enabled the Cylance team to dramatically transform cybersecurity from a multitude of complex layers into a simple and elegant prevention-based model, that I instantly knew I had to join the (Read more...)

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