Thank You Customers That #ThinkBeyond

“Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.” – Thomas Dewar

I spent the formative years of my security career on the front line as a help desk engineer. I thrived on solving new challenges every 30 minutes and I felt the pain of technology firsthand – both from a user’s perspective as well as an administrator’s. I quickly learned that if technology wasn’t completely seamless, invisible, and painless, it simply was not used.

To that end, I constantly searched for technology solutions and automation that removed friction and layers for the user. Despite being inundated with the slogan of the day that “nobody ever got fired for buying IBM”, I almost never used the “phone a friend” option or outsourced my decision making. This groupthink mindset was the path of least resistance and would have been much more comfortable, but this strategy rarely, if ever, solved the core of the problem I was fighting. Instead, I forced myself to research, test, and pilot in order to come to my own conclusions. Once I did, people began asking for my advice. This ultimately led to working at InfoWorld Test Center for many years. During my tenure, I wrote countless product comparisons, reviews, and opinion pieces for the Security Watch column.

Challenging Groupthink To “In-Source” Your Decision Making

Independent decision making isn’t new, and certainly isn’t confined to the world of technology or cybersecurity. When my wife, Tusdi Vopat, was diagnosed with Lupus in early 2012, she followed the recommendation of one doctor after another, taking prescription after prescription – all to no avail. Her health deteriorated quickly. She was in constant pain and could barely get out of bed every day. Western medicine’s only suggestion was to add layers – take one NSAID for pain, a steroid for (Read more...)

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