Tags to Groups Migration | Getting Started: Groups

In 2018, all JumpCloud customers that are currently leveraging the legacy Tags-based functionality will migrate to the new JumpCloud Groups-based management platform. This change will enhance the way in which users and systems are organized within the JumpCloud administrative console. Any organization created prior to April 11, 2017 that has not already completed the Tags to Groups migration will be affected.

In order to facilitate the Tags to Groups migration, the JumpCloud team has created a video series that demonstrate how to initiate the migration process and what to expect. You can access the complete Tags to Groups Migration Video Series at our YouTube page or our blog. This particular blog outlines how to get started with the new Groups function and what to expect.

Tags to Groups Migration | Getting Started: Groups

As you can see, the result of the Tags to Groups migration process offer a number of enhancements when compared to the legacy Tags functionality. All organizations that have not yet migrated from Tags to Groups are encouraged to do so as soon as possible in order to start taking advantage of the full functionality of the Directory-as-a-Service platform.

Characteristics of the JumpCloud Groups Functionality

The purpose of the Tags to Groups migration is to ensure that every JumpCloud customer is getting the most out of the Directory-as-a-Service® platform. Groups offers a number of enhancements compared to the legacy Tags feature, such as the ability to add LDAP authentication for Samba file servers and NAS appliances, cross platform GPO-like capabilities via the new Policies feature, and more.

In short, IT admins gain a better method of organizing their IT infrastructure and additional management capabilities for a wider range of IT resources that are only available to organizations leveraging Groups. Watch the video above to gain a better understanding of JumpCloud Groups.

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We also invite you to watch any of the following Tags to Groups Migration videos to prepare for the mandatory migration that will occur in early 2018.

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