Tags to Groups: Migration Commands

Tags to Groups Migration Commands

In 2017, JumpCloud updated its Directory-as-a-Service® platform with the Groups feature. Groups allows for more precise and efficient control over groups of users and systems within your organization and is replacing the Tags feature in the JumpCloud platform. In 2018, all organizations that are still using the Tags platform will be required to migrate to the new Groups platform. To help with this transition, we’ve put together a video series on what to expect as you migrate from Tag to Groups. This post will focus on how the Tags to Groups migration will affect commands. If you are interested in learning how this migration will affect a different component of your setup, consider watching one of the videos below. Otherwise, continue reading this post to learn more about the Tags to Groups Migration and Commands.

For readers who are fairly new to JumpCloud, let’s briefly explain commands.

What are Commands?


Our cloud-based directory service allows IT to centralize user and system management in their environment. Part of our comprehensive system management includes the ability to execute commands or scripts across Mac, Linux, and Windows systems. JumpCloud supports a number of languages such as bash, Ruby, or Python, and tasks can be launched manually, on a schedule, or on a trigger. JumpCloud’s Commands feature helps customers like Grab automate tasks across 4,000 endpoints and enable quicker response times to security threats.

So, how does migrating from Tags to Groups impact commands?

Migrating Command Tags to Groups

In this quick video, our Associate Product Manager Kyle Randolph starts by displaying the old Tags platform. Kyle walks viewers through a Linux Tag and a command that is associated with the Linux Tag. Then, Kyle migrates the platform from Tags to Groups. Once this is completed, Kyle demonstrates where to find those old Tag components, like a set of Linux systems, in the new Groups layout. He also explains some of the modifications that have taken place in how (Read more...)

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