Outsourced True Single Sign-On™

Outsourced True Single Sign-On™

You could say that the concept of outsourced True Single Sign-On™ is the “holy grail” for IT organizations. Connecting users to the IT resources they need with one set of credentials is a major step-up for end users and IT admins alike. Users gain a seamless, productive workflow, and IT admins gain the ability to manage their entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass – all while outsourcing the configuration, storage, and maintenance of the identity management solution. While this used to be wishful thinking, today outsourced True Single Sign-On can be your reality.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, we’ll take a look at the story behind single sign-on (SSO), why most single sign-on solutions are incomplete, and then we’ll walk you through how outsourced True Single Sign-On can significantly enhance your environment.

The Story with Single Sign-On

Before there was Outsourced True Single Sign-On...

The idea of single sign-on isn’t new. Although it wasn’t always called SSO. The conventional model of user access regulated by the domain controller was effectively single sign-on. This model is typified by the homogeneous, Active Directory® infrastructures of the early 2000’s. Users would log into their Microsoft Windows devices, and subsequently have access to other Windows-based resources such as applications, file servers, and networks.

The reason that this was possible was Microsoft’s dominance in the enterprise space. Virtually all of an organization’s devices were Windows and their applications were built on top of Windows. The users and devices were located on-prem or connected to the core network via VPN. This was critical because the identity provider required direct access to the IT resources in order for them to authenticate effectively and securely. The result of this was that first SSO experience. In fact, this version of it better lives up to the name of “single sign on” than the generation of SSO solutions that would follow.

IDaaS Introduces Partial Single Sign-On

Then there was Partial SSO. Then came Outsourced True Single Sign-On

IDaaS solutions started to emerge in response to the changing IT landscape and these were the first generation of providers to describe themselves using the term Single Sign-On (SSO).

These platforms were developed in response to the (Read more...)

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