Managing Cloud Servers with AD Bridge | Tutorial Video


Want to find out exactly what managing a cloud server with JumpCloud’s AD Bridge looks like? Check out the video below to see a detailed discussion and guide on the process with JumpCloud’s associate product manager Kyle Randolph.

Managing Cloud Servers with AD Bridge | Tutorial Video

This video covers the following topics:

  • The JumpCloud agent on Linux and Windows servers
  • System Management with JumpCloud Groups
  • Making associations to the Linux and Windows cloud server using JumpCloud Groups
  • Authenticating against the Linux and Windows server using AD user credentials
  • SSH key management for Linux servers
  • Revoking access to servers using the JumpCloud agent

One important thing to note: in order to follow the steps outlined in the tutorial, you must already have users and groups added to JumpCloud through the AD Bridge. If you still need to set this up, check out our video detailing the AD Bridge setup here.

More on the AD Bridge

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This video is just one episode in our series on using JumpCloud’s AD Bridge. If you would like to see more about the capabilities of the AD Bridge, you can check out the rest of the videos in the list below:

Hopefully you are able to get some use out of these tutorial videos, but if you still want to get more information on the AD Bridge topic then make sure to visit our support page. There are many in-depth articles on the usage of Directory-as-a-Service’s AD Bridge feature, and every other area of the platform. Cloud server management with JumpCloud is a key feature of the DaaS platform, and ensuring that you understand how to leverage it correctly can help you spend less time managing on-prem hardware, use fewer third party apps, and create easier workflows for the end user.


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