G Suite Password Management

G Suite Password Management

G Suite has become more popular than ever. With over 3 million paying business customers, it has become one of the most important productivity platforms in the world. The challenge is that G Suite, unfortunately, is a bit of an island when it comes to identity management. For example, a user’s G Suite password is great for Google Apps and services, but it doesn’t function for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, AWS cloud servers, on-prem Samba file servers and NAS appliances, WiFi access, and more. The good news is that a G Suite password management platform called JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service® can federate your G Suite identity to a wide range of IT resources.

G Suite Password Management is Lacking

G Suite Google Identity Management Challenges

G Suite and Google Cloud Platform are built upon the G Suite Directory and Google Cloud Identity management platforms. The intention was to create a solution that was more of a user management system for Google Apps and services, rather than the core cloud identity management platform for an organization. The challenge with this approach for IT admins is that Google identity management is not connected with the rest of the organization’s IT assets. This creates a great deal of problems for IT admins and friction for end users. Users have to remember a seperate password to login to their system, another password to access the WiFi, a different password for file servers, and countless more passwords to login to their on-prem and web-based applications.  

Multiple Passwords are a Security Concern


Requiring end users to remember multiple passwords is a security nightmare for IT admins because end users have gained a reputation for choosing convenience over security. In fact, a recent study by Ponemon Institute concluded that 24% of data breaches are caused by employee negligence. When a user is faced with having to use multiple passwords, they are more likely to use simple passwords, reuse passwords, or write them down. Engaging in any of these behaviors reduces password security and makes it easier for an attacker to gain access to an organization’s digital kingdom. This is why it (Read more...)

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