DerbyCon 2016, Carlos Perez’ ‘Thinking Purple’

One and a half year old video – yet highly relevant to blue and red teamers. – mh

From the video description: Breaking with the adversarial approach of Red vs Blue, look at how the current system and approaches may be broken in some organizations and provide recommendation not only for the mature organization with a large structure but also how small businesses can take a more purple strategy in the way they operate their teams including how they acquire pentest services. Presentation will cover an approach beyond the red and blue team and more of a organizational and strategic approach to change the paradigm of thinking and action to more symbiotic approach to security.

Carlos Perez is a Director at a Security Vendor working on reverse engineering, security research and integration projects. Carlos also works as a trainer providing training both to government and private organizations across the world in security technologies and also provides consulting in his spare time on infrastructure and security. His work and thoughts can be found on his webpage He has presented at several security conferences and is a co-host of the Security Weekly podcast.


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