Data Privacy Day began in the USA in 2008 as an extension of Data Protection Day in Europe.

Since then, The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) has led this international effort, which is held annually on January 28 to help create awareness about the importance of safeguarding data, respecting privacy, and enabling trust.

In our efforts to help promote this important annual event, I have asked a range of folks to share some advice on what they do to keep their data private.

Christopher Burgess – @burgessct

Social networks are designed to have you share information in exchange for free and unencumbered use of their services. My advice to individuals is:

  1. Read the privacy statements and understand how your information is used and shared. Search for the words “share” and “use.”
  2. Please do not overshare when using these free services. When you post, tell us where you’ve been, not where you are. Resist the temptation to tag your children or grandchildren’s photos.
  3. It’s A-ok to make up wholesale lies on those password reset questions like, “What’s your first car?” The mindset of trust no one (or any social media platform) with your information will serve you well on this Data Privacy Day 2018.

Bob Covello – @BobCovello

The single piece of advice that I would give to any privacy-conscious person is one that makes many people raise their eyebrows: Don’t use free e-mail services.

As convenient and wonderful as these services are, they come at the cost of privacy. Use free e-mail to enroll in subscription-based services, but not for private business. My free e-mail is awash with all the daily newsletters and is a magnet for spam. This is not true of my private, paid service.

For a small fee, your privacy is better protected (Read more...)