Cloud Security This Week – January 5, 2018

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In Response to Meltdown and Spectre
As these two security vulnerabilities begin a path of destruction across a variety of devices and environments, rapid response plans are being put into place to apply patches and update systems. Here’s’s statement on our plan and explanation for how we are supporting efforts to keep our own systems healthy and protected. Named a Top Cloud Management Solution of the Year Based On Real User Reviews
IT Central Station delivered its comprehensive list of top solutions across all cloud categories. We’re honored to be listed among the top three.

Two Major Security Issues Already Making Headlines in 2018
A breakdown of a Department of Homeland Security breach that was just revealed, and details on the Intel processor vulnerability. What a way to start off the new year!

Getting Control of Your Cloud: 10 Predictions for 2018
Serverless computing, API attacks, predictive security, and a whole lot more multicloud…if you thought this year has been interesting for cloud security, wait until 2018. CEO Tim Prendergast, and VP of Customer Solutions, John Martinez provide their thoughts on security and compliance issues they think will impact organizations most in the coming year.

ESP @ Work: Continuous Security and Compliance in the Cloud
This guide provides profiles of organizations that are using Evident Security Platform to better identify and fix cloud security issues like threat detection, misconfiguration management, risk remediation and compliance with industry standards.

News and Perspectives on Cloud Security
Meltdown and Spectre: Here’s What Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Others Are Doing About It
We are all still learning how far these vulnerabilities are reaching and the potential for damage to organizations and individuals. This is an excellent rundown of how various players are taking steps to deal with them.

New Ransomware Headache as Crooks Dump Bitcoin for Rival Cryptocurrencies
The volatility of Bitcoin has many running for alternatives, and that includes hackers.

Forever21 Investigation Reveals Malware Presence at Some Stores
“So, like, does this super cute top match my login credentials…?”

Get a Password Manager. No More Excuses.
This piece from Wired makes an excellent case for getting your password management in order.



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