Your Cybersecurity is Made from Human Suffering

Welcome! You’re here because you know I say things that let you ridicule me to your coworkers or because you happen to have a morbid curiosity about human suffering. If it’s the second one, then please skip directly to the vile pictures at the end of the article to get your jollies.

Now I’ll say that really obvious thing that sets the tone for most of article up until I realize I’ve argued my way into a hole and change it as if I were only kidding. So here it is: defense is hard.

Yes, defense is hard, I’ve just said in my profound wisdom. I’m the first to say it too, in this article. But there’s a catch. And usually I’d save that for the end, but since you’re my friend and follow me on Twitter I’ll tell you early: the twist is that there’s no twist, defense is hard.

The reason why defense is hard is because society frowns upon it. Yes, whenever we get “defensive” we are apparently such jerks that society wants us to feel bad about it. So, we spend a lot of our time trying to look like things don’t bother us.

Movies portray strong hero-types as those who remain cool and indifferent while being attacked, and then walk slowly away from explosions. They show tough, outdoorsy people like lumberjacks unblinkingly staring down bears, wolves, and raccoons with just a red, plaid shirt for protection.

So, while Hollywood teaches us all that not defending yourself is the way to show strength, the reality is that it’s just a way to show breachiness.

Furthermore, defense is hard because attacks seem really complicated and well planned, especially since attack research is constantly happening while the defense types may remain static for many years.

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