Last time, I spoke with Jelena Milosevic. She’s a nurse who discovered a huge security problem in her hospital and is now on a mission to educate people about improving medical cybersecurity.

This time, I spoke with Stephanie Vanroelen. Not only is she an OWASP contributing web security specialist, but she also volunteers at a camp that teaches information security to children.

Kim Crawley: Tell me about what you do.

Stephanie Vanroelen: I work as a web and mobile pentester for a small Belgian company called Nynox. We tailor to all types of clients both large and small, defensive and offensive. Our team is made up of people who specialize in certain areas of security. I also contribute to the OWASP Mobile pentesting guide project.

Besides that, I co-organize BruCON, the largest security conference in Belgium, and I founded CyberSKool together with two guys, Koen Burms and Larry Vandenaweele. Both projects are on a volunteer basis.

CyberSKool is a conference for kids between the ages of 7 and 15. We teach them about STEM, IT, and IT awareness, with a special focus on safe internet usage with guides for both parents and kids.

The kids learn by playing. We make sure that they try and fail and learn as a result in a safe environment. We do lockpicking, hardware destruction, programming, encryption techniques, and so on. CyberSKool was based on Hak4Kidz from the United States.

KC: That’s really cool. Do you think adults underestimate what kids can learn about cybersecurity?

SV: Yes! I constantly get questions like, “Does my kid need to know anything before we attend?” or “I’m not sure that he can do that already.” Then we just make them do it anyway and tell the parents to be quiet. They’re actually very amazed (Read more...)