Last time, I got to speak with Claudia Johnson. She’s been in the tech industry for a long time, and she got into security the same way Brian Krebs did – by being attacked.

Now I got to talk to Kristen Kozinski. She knows about secure code and web vulnerabilities. She also maintains a pretty nifty website for educating end users about security.

Kim Crawley: Please tell me about what you do.

Kristen Kozinski: I am a Junior Application Security Engineer for a marketing automation company. My job involves patching security flaws in the web app, reviewing code for potential security vulnerabilities, and building applications that help the company stay secure.

Outside of work, I manage a blog that is focused on educating non-technical people about how they can be more secure. It’s comically named It’s still very new, but there are so many areas I want to cover. The biggest challenge is finding the time to research and write.

KC: Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. Tell me about

KK: Don’t Click on That was born after coaching countless family members and friends after they had encountered security issues themselves.

I wanted this to be easier for them (and me) and have a resource I could point them to, which was also easy for them to understand. I also wanted to point them to resources that would teach them how to be more preventive when it came to their online security. I feel like a lot of people have family members and friends who they want to help but lack the time to help them. This is what inspired me to start the blog. It is still in its infancy stage, but there are a lot of plans to develop it.

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