Tags to Groups Migration

At JumpCloud, we are always trying to create new features and improve upon our product. One of our big releases this past year was the new Groups functionality, which expanded upon the capabilities of the legacy Tags feature. This change has helped to better organize users and systems, and makes it easy to associate them with varying resources. Some organizations have chosen to continue using Tags so that they can retain their existing workflows. But organizations that haven’t yet moved to Groups have missed out on additional features that have been released, like our on-prem data storage authentication, our new Policies feature, and more.

With 2018 coming up quickly, we will soon be moving all organizations up to the powerful new Groups platform. This migration will enable organizations to manage their users more efficiently, connect them to more IT resources, and improve upon the control over a system.

Resources to Help with Migration

With this change on the horizon, we have created a video series that helps demonstrate what you can expect to happen after making the migration. This series provides a brief rundown of how varying individual tags will behave once you move, and includes the following tags:

  • System / User Binding Video
  • POSIX Groups Video
  • LDAP Groups Video
  • O365 User Provisioning Video
  • G Suite User Provisioning Video
  • RADIUS Server Access Video
  • SSO Tags for User Access Video
  • Commands Video
  • Getting Started: Groups  Video

Each of these videos will demonstrate the changes that you will see, and are designed to help IT organizations prepare for the move. In addition, we recommend that you review our article on the Knowledge Base article titled Tags to Groups Migration. This article provides information on some of the important considerations that should be taken into consideration before making the migration.

Learn More About JumpCloud’s Groups Functionality

If you would like to learn more about Directory-as-a-Service’s Groups functionality, feel free to reach out to us about it. We would love to answer any questions that you might have about the move or the feature. In addition, you can visit our (Read more...)

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