Tags to Groups Migration: System/User Management

Groups is a powerful new functionality of the Directory-as-a-Service® platform. Essentially, Groups are a collection of JumpCloud objects (Users or Systems, for example), that can be associated with other objects to form relationships between them. For example, this relationship can be used for granting access to an object, or a group of objects. This new feature will be replacing our old Tags functionality, and the migration between the two platforms is coming up soon. To help admins better understand what changes they should expect with the upcoming Tags to Groups migration, we have created a video series that demonstrates what moving a Tag to our new Groups feature looks like. In this episode, we will be examining Tags that are associating Users to various Systems. Find the video “Tags to Groups Migration | System/User Binding” below:

More information on System/User Management with Groups

System/User management

One of the core parts of JumpCloud’s directory service is its ability to manage and control users and devices. Through the cloud-based directory, user identities can be quickly and efficiently deployed to all of the IT resources they need, including their devices, applications, networks, servers, and more. This access is easy to monitor to ensure that only the right people have access to the right resources. On top of that, should a user ever leave an organization, all of their access can easily be disabled with the click of a button in one location.

The control is not just limited to user access however, as JumpCloud’s system management capabilities are just as strong. With features like Commands and Policies, admins can maintain control of a device’s settings with ease. By using the Commands feature, admins can create custom scripts that can be executed against Windows, Macs, and Linux machines, allowing near limitless control over a machine. In addition, the Policies feature allows admins to set pre-programmed settings over users devices in order to ensure that everyone is staying within compliance. Admins have often struggled with controlling non-Microsoft systems in their organization, but with JumpCloud that challenge is solved.

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