Tags to Groups Migration: RADIUS Server Access

Tags to Groups Migration RADIUS Server Access

Earlier this year, JumpCloud introduced a new feature called Groups that allows for more powerful control over users and systems. Groups is replacing a feature called Tags, and customers who signed up to use our product after April 11, 2017 have been using the Groups feature in the JumpCloud Admin console from the onset. Customers who signed up before April 11, 2017 have had to migrate over to a new version of the platform in order to start using the Groups feature. In early 2018, we will be moving all organizations to the new Groups platform, and we’ve put together a video series to help you with your Tags to Groups Migration. One of the videos covers Tags for RADIUS server access and what to expect as you migrate these sets of Tags over to Groups.  If you are interested in migrating a different Tag over to Groups, consider watching one of the videos below.

Continue reading this post for more information on RADIUS and RADIUS server access as you migrate from Tags to Groups.

First, let’s briefly explain RADIUS-as-a-Service for readers who are just discovering JumpCloud.

A Brief Look at JumpCloud’s Cloud RADIUS

Easy RADIUS Server Access with JumpCloud

JumpCloud’s RADIUS-as-a-Service enables organizations to take advantage of RADIUS without having to deal with the complex technical nature of RADIUS servers. You don’t have to deal with building, maintaining or configuring a FreeRADIUS server. When used in conjunction with JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service®, RADIUS allows you to elevate your network security by having users sign in to the network with their unique login credentials. This makes it possible to eliminate insecure network practices like shared SSIDs and passphrases and assists you in making sure only the right people have access to your network.

Now let’s take a look at the Tags to Group Migration and how it will impact RADIUS server access.

Migrating RADIUS Server Access Tags to Groups

If you’re an organization that needs to migrate over to Groups, this migration will modify (Read more...)

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