Tags to Groups Migration: O365 User Provisioning

In the early part of 2018, organizations that are still using Tags will be migrated to the new Groups platform. To help with this migration, we’ve put together a video series that walks you through how this migration will affect various tags. You can find the list of videos below or continue reading this post for a brief overview on the Tags to Groups migration and its impact on Office 365 User Provisioning.

  • System / User Binding Video
  • POSIX Groups Video
  • LDAP Groups Video
  • G Suite User Provisioning Video
  • RADIUS Server Access Video
  • SSO Tags for User Access Video
  • Commands Video
  • Getting Started: Groups  Video

JumpCloud’s Office 365 Integration

office 365 integration

For those of you who are discovering JumpCloud for the first time, Directory-as-a-Service® (DaaS) provides frictionless user access to Mac, Linux, and Windows systems, legacy and web-based applications, physical and virtual file storage, and wired and WiFi networks. For some organizations, a frictionless user experience includes utilizing our Office 365 integration. This integration helps organizations eliminate their on-prem infrastructure and extend Office 365 identities to modern IT resources like Mac systems, WiFi, and web-based applications. So how does the Tags to Groups migration affect Office 365 user provisioning?

Migrating Office 365 User Provisioning to Groups

In the video, our associate product manager Kyle Randolph shows how Office 365 user provisioning is set up in the Tags platform. Then, Kyle migrates Tags over to the Groups platform. Once this is completed, Kyle walks viewers through how Office 365 user provisioning is set up in the Groups platform.

For more information on migrating Tags to Groups, consider reading this Knowledge Base article. If you would like to learn more about Office 365 user provisioning, this Knowledge Base article on our Office 365 integration is a helpful resource

Learn more about JumpCloud’s Office 365 Integration

Learn more about our Office 365 user provisioning by reaching out to us with any questions you might have, and we’ll gladly get back to you with answers. Your are also more than welcome to explore all of our features by signing up for a (Read more...)

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