SwiftStack 6 Delivers Industry’s First Multi-Cloud Data Management Solution with Universal Access to a Single Namespace

Cloud-native storage on-premises and across public clouds enables freedom of mobility and scale for new and classic data-centric applications


SAN FRANCISCO – December 5, 2017– SwiftStack, the leader in Multi-Cloud Data Management, today announced the availability of Universal Access for classic and cloud-native applications in SwiftStack 6. Building upon several significant product updates in 2017, SwiftStack’s multi-cloud data management offering delivers a cloud-native, single namespace for unstructured data. Classic data-centric applications that use file protocols can now leverage the benefits of SwiftStack, without the need for refactoring. This file access combined with SwiftStack Cloud Sync uniquely enables policy-based data placement, giving applications the freedom to run wherever IT deems the workload can run best, and without altering the user experience, all while maintaining governance and control.


“In an IT future that’s becoming increasingly hybrid, the next phase of storage depends on the ability to manage data that will need to exist in multiple locations; both on and off-premises. Multi-cloud capable data management based on cloud-native technology can provide the framework, tools and resources necessary to deliver highly-available business data on a worldwide level,” said Steven Hill, Senior Analyst of Storage Technologies at 451 Research. “Traditional SAN and NAS systems will continue to maintain a role for the foreseeable future, but evolved and intelligent secondary storage—that’s capable of a deeper understanding of the value and relative importance of the information it protects—will become crucial to provide the policy-based data protection, automation, security, availability, cost-efficiency and granular lifecycle management needed to meet the challenges of next-generation business applications.”


SwiftStack 6 introduces integrated File Access. Applications and users can now use SMB and/or NFS file access protocols to read and write to the single namespace, without a gateway. An important distinction of SwiftStack File Access is that data can be read and written in both formats. For example, ingest data via file, read via object, and distribute via file, and vice versa. Universal Access including Cloud Sync extends this capability of accessing unstructured data from any cloud location independent of the access method required by the user or application.


“As we did with other SwiftStack innovations like Cloud Sync in 2017, version 6 with Universal Access was developed while directly collaborating with our installed customers to scale their environments and to extract new value from their data,” said Don Jaworski, SwiftStack Chief Executive Officer. “Hundreds of IT professionals and executives validated the need to manage data across multiple public clouds to prevent lock-in this past week at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas, and version 6 ushers in a new chapter for SwiftStack, having grown beyond on-premises object storage to genuine multi-cloud data management that supports the cloud-first business initiatives that IT has been tasked with for 2018 and beyond.”


SwiftStack brings the consumption experience and fundamental attributes of public cloud storage to enterprises: scalability, agility, elasticity, and pricing based on consumption. Legacy applications with large unstructured data sets can now access and consume the same data from a single namespace via file protocols without the need for a gateway or application refactoring. Unlike other object storage products that have their own proprietary data formats, data managed by SwiftStack is always stored in cloud-native format. Policy-based data placement combined with Cloud Sync opens new opportunities to scale on-premises file workloads in IaaS providers including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Whether on-premises or in public cloud, data remains under the management control of internal IT, residing wherever it is needed by users and applications.


About SwiftStack

SwiftStack, founded in 2011 by some of the earliest pioneers in cloud computing, is a leader in multi-cloud data management for organizations that require universal access to petabytes of unstructured data in a single namespace. Its software is popular in industries including media and entertainment, life sciences, SaaS, and web-based business; and for solutions like active archive, compute bursting, and collaboration across multiple locations. SwiftStack has more than 100 customers including eBay, Pac-12 Networks, Verizon, and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and received B-series funding from OpenView Partners, Storm Ventures, UMC Capital, and Mayfield Fund. For more information visit www.swiftstack.com or follow the company on Twitter andLinkedIn.

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