SaaS True Single Sign-On (SSO)

SaaS True Single Sign On

The concept of True Single Sign-On™ is a powerful one. The premise is that it can enable end users to connect to virtually any IT resource throughout their core identity. Unfortunately, as most IT admins know, this kind of a setup with one platform has historically been far from reality. However, a SaaS True Single Sign-On (SSO) solution recently emerged that can solve this challenge. This innovative solution is called Directory-as-a-Service®, and it is establishing one unified identity that can be connected to virtually any IT resource.

Traditional SSO


SSO has been a hot topic in the identity and access management space over the last decade. Many high flying companies have been focused on making it easier to connect users to their web applications. Traditionally though, they have all required a central identity provider to work from. As a result, these solutions have largely been built upon the core on-prem identity provider for an organization, Microsoft Active Directory®.

This type of setup was not really the True SSO solution admins were looking for. In a sense, many IT organizations had one solution for their internal Windows-based IT resources, and then one for their web applications. While this might have covered a portion of the IT infrastructure, this approach still missed a large part of the office including Mac desktops and laptops, Linux cloud servers, storage systems, and WiFi access. Connecting users to these other IT resources forced IT organizations into using even more additional solutions, hardly creating a simple True SSO environment for users or IT admins.

SSO for Modern IT

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To address these challenges, a new approach to the IDaaS market has emerged. Directory-as-a-Service is a modern, next generation directory service, and it is securely connecting users to the IT resources they need regardless of platform, protocol, provider, or location. Plus, the good news is that this solution is delivered from the cloud, for the cloud, on-prem, and remote users and IT resources.

A SaaS True Single Sign-On platform can be a significant enhancement for IT organizations over the traditional approach. On-prem identity providers and adjunct web (Read more...)

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