Outsourced Domain Controller

outsourced domain controller

The domain controller has been a staple in IT networks for almost two decades. The concept is relatively simple – help IT admins join their users to the domain and provide them with various services to make it easy to navigate the internal network. But a lot has changed since the advent of the domain controller. Is it possible now to have an outsourced domain controller?

The Role of a Domain Controller

domain controller

The concept of the domain controller really emerged in the late 1990’s as IT admins started to build out their internal LANs. The idea was to have a user join the domain and enable them to access servers, applications, file servers, printers, and the network itself. This approach made a great deal of sense because the network was virtually all Microsoft Windows based and also located on-prem. In a sense, the network was similar to a walled garden, and the domain controller similar to a gatekeeper. If you could prove you are who you say you are to the gatekeeper, the gatekeeper would let you into the garden and you would have access to everything inside the garden. In the world of IT, “the garden” housed access to systems, applications, printers, and files. At the center of the Windows network was Microsoft Active Directory®.

Changes in IT call for an Outsourced Domain Controller

cloud hosted solution

For many years, this model worked well. Then, there started to be cracks in this approach as the IT landscape shifted. It started with web applications and cloud infrastructure such as AWS. Non-Windows machines such as Mac and Linux added on to the challenges. Then came the dramatic shift in how and where people work via telecommuting and the gig economy. Today, the IT network is really no longer on-prem and Windows based. This has created many new challenges for IT admins, since the domain controller wasn’t created to handle this new modern IT world.

A Closer look at the Challenges

The main challenge with web-based applications, Mac and Linux systems, and cloud infrastructure is that they are difficult to integrate with Active Directory and (Read more...)

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