More Insight, Better Control: Announces Support for Amazon GuardDuty

Our goal from the inception of our company has been to provide continuous cloud security to help users be better informed about security risks and prepared to deal with them. One of the keys to doing this is insight into people, activity, and resources. With greater insight comes the ability to rapidly deploy remediation steps. As that happens, organizations gain greater control over their entire cloud environment, and that ultimately is when they can have more trust over what’s happening in their cloud.

In an effort to improve that insight and control, today we announced support for Amazon GuardDuty, which will provide more color and context to risks identified by Evident Security Platform (ESP). The purpose of Amazon GuardDuty is to identify, analyze, and process important information about the flow of data within an AWS environment and understand its potential risk impact on your organization. It specifically looks at VPC Flow Logs and AWS CloudTrail event logs to understand and deliver better intelligence about the specifics of threats and vulnerabilities.

By using Amazon GuardDuty as an additional data source, the Evident Security Platform (ESP) provides DevSecOps and Compliance additional assurance that their cloud environments meet the strictest security standards and fulfill compliance requirements. Amazon GuardDuty detections will enhance the ESP risk alerts to with details about threats and the AWS resources involved.

For example, when ESP detects an open port, GuardDuty data will be able to enrich the alert with information about whether or not there is traffic going through that port. This will help Security teams triage and prioritize risks with greater efficiency and confidence.

Continuous security monitoring is essential to keep your data and activity in the cloud safe. As we continue to innovate to deliver better and more comprehensive security solutions to customers, we’re glad to be chosen by AWS to provide this new advancement that will give customers a better approach to how they manage their security in the cloud.

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