iOS jailbreaking: still in the building?

Further to an earlier article here – iOS Jailbreaking – on the Way Out… – it seems that commentators at that tme might have been over-optimistic.

Swati Khandelwal reports for the Hacker News: Google Researcher Releases iOS Exploit—Could Enable iOS 11 Jailbreak. Information from Google Project Zero researcher Ian Beer, confirmed by Jonathan Levin.

Khandelwal suggests that “Beer’s exploit could be the basis for a future iOS 11 jailbreak, allowing iPhone and iPad users to install third-party OS customizations via apps that are restricted by Apple.”.

And subsequently, I found this from Richard Chirgwin for The Register: Google’s Project Zero reveals Apple jailbreak exploit – “Holy Moley! iOS and MacOS were wholly holey”

David Harley



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