Industrial IoT Gets New Security Option with Avnet TPM Module

Technology distributor Avnet has announced a new security peripheral module based on the TPM 2.0. This module is targeted to Industrial IoT applications, such as factory automation, smart grid and healthcare and will provide a hardware root of trust for platform integrity, remote attestation and cryptographic services.

The module is based on Infineon’s OPTIMA TPM that implements TCG’s international standard (link to TPM 2.0 standard.

TCG recently announced a work group to evolve trusted computing, including the TPM, for use in industrial IoT applications. The group has worked closely with the Industrial Internet Consortium and that group’s security framework (, which recognizes the TPM and trusted computing as strong security approaches.

TCG also has published guidance, created with input from the industry, on securing the IoT (link to

More info on the Avnet module can be found here:

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