Developers: You Are the Rulers of Your Kingdom

The evolution of software development has gone from typical waterfall environments, where software releases happen every few months, to extreme DevOps or Continuous Delivery environments, releasing every few minutes. As our infographic states, 62 percent of developers say that the pace of software development is rapid. And not surprisingly, 30 percent of data breaches are caused by web application attacks.

Why does this matter? The faster things move, the more vulnerabilities can be overlooked. If code isn’t being secured while in the design process, it can be challenging to fix, further down in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
The typical response to potential threats tends to be the reactive construction of new policies and rules, or point products stacked on top of each other – none of which integrate well together – which only serve as a temporary Band-Aid. Taking this approach also makes it difficult to identify the point of entry if there is a breach. This is largely because a proactive solution – one that injects security at the beginning of development – is not being used.

Full stop – we understand. Security has traditionally been a hindrance to developers’ workflow and productivity in general. This Fall, we launched WhiteHat ScoutTM, a fully automated static analysis testing product, designed for developers, to address these exact challenges.

Check out the infographic to learn more!

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