Cloud Security This Week – December 8, 2017


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More Insight, Better Control: Announces Support for Amazon GuardDuty
In an effort to improve insight and control over AWS environments, announced support for Amazon GuardDuty, which will provide more color and context to risks identified by Evident Security Platform (ESP).

ESP @ Work: Continuous Security for Continuous Development
“ESP makes it possible for me and my team to optimize our continuous development strategy securely. Both DevOps and SecOps teams are more agile and able to deliver software much faster.”

Why Traditional Security Info and Event Management Tools No Longer Cut It
“The traditional SIEM vendors are struggling in this area,” said John Martinez, VP of customer solutions at, which provides data sources for SIEMs and log analysis engines. “The customers are saying they’re not adapting the products to the cloud and the various formats of the cloud vendors.”

Werner,, and You: We’re All Cloud Security Heroes
Werner Vogels’ AWS re:Invent keynote was jam-packed with advice and intelligent predictions, but the most salient items were his thoughts about cloud security. And we couldn’t agree more with what he said.

Security First: Creating a Secure, Compliant Public Cloud Environment
This ebook provides a framework for developing a security-first approach to monitoring the state of your cloud environment, applying rapid fixes, and gaining control over all your operations in the cloud.

News and Perspectives on Cloud Security
Ransomware up nearly 2,000% in two years as “cyber mafia” hit business
Cyber attacks on businesses in 2017 grew in frequency, sophistication and malice, a report on the new age of organised cyber crime reveals.

Why Third-Party Security is your Security
Managing third-party risk isn’t just a good idea, in many cases, it’s the law. This security framework can help you minimize the threat.

60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2018
Check out the prognostications of’s Tim “NostraTIMus” Prendergast and John Martinez, as well as a host of other cloud thinkers.

Tech Support Scam Malware Fakes the Blue Screen of Death
Malwarebytes reports that a new variant of malware is spreading that fakes the infamous Blue Screen of Death and scamming users into paying $25 for a phony solution. It’s spreading via a cracked software installer that loads various files, including the malware. Troubleshooter then registers itself as a Windows service.

6 Personality Profiles of White-Hat Hackers
From making the Internet safer to promoting their security careers, bug bounty hunters have a broad range of motivators for hacking – most just like the challenge.

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