Blog-ified Tweetstorm

I dumped this on Twitter as a tweetstorm, but it is worth sharing here in one place.

Those who have followed me for a while have probably noticed that I rarely get technical here anymore. My world, and world view have changed.

I still play with stuff, but it tends to be specific to the nice folks who pay me, or esoteric stuff for personal use. Or for @SecurityBSides networks and labs.

I believe that right now I can do more good by supporting our communities and the people in them (that means YOU) than by focusing on technology myself.

The past few years have not been fun for me. My wife had a 2.5 year battle with cancer which ended a year ago this Friday, I’ve spent the past year discovering what it means to be without her after 40 years together.

(Also, this "being single" thing is bizarre, now I get what you kids have been complaining about- but that’s a story for another day, or a stand-up comedy set)

Thank you all for all of your words and acts of kindness, large and small. It has meant a great deal to me. I might not be here now if not for the support of more people than I can thank.

Yeah, I said that. There were days when I asked myself the question "Do I want to wake up tomorrow?". And there were times when the answer was "no". I never seriously considered acting on it, but yes, there were ugly days, and not just a few.

If I can repay the amazing support and kindness shown to me by making things less bad for others I’m all in.

Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist, therapist, doctor, or anything like that. That said, if you need someone to talk/vent/rant/cry to, I’ll be here as much as I can. Really. Dealing with stress, burnout, anxiety, illness, or death: I’ll do my best to be here for you.

I travel a lot and I’m not always available, so don’t count on me for immediate responses. But count on me. And if I get overwhelmed, I’ll back off until I can resume.

I’m not the only one to make an offer like this, find one of us or turn to professionals if you need more than a sympathetic ear.

The holidays are a time of happiness and joy for many people. But they are also unpleasant for many of us, so let’s take care of each other this holiday season. And the rest of the year, too.

Now you smart kids get busy on the technology stuff.



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