Alzheimer’s Association

Jason Assenzo and Paul Inboriboon have been working with the technology infrastructure at the Alzheimer’s Association for more than 10 years.

“We’re working to advance Alzheimer’s research toward methods of treatment, prevention and, ultimately, a cure. That’s one of our main focuses, in addition to providing care and support to families facing the disease today.”

After switching to G Suite from Exchange in 2014 because of the agility and collaborative capacity afforded by the Google software suite, Jason and Paul had several reasons to look for a backup solution:

“Having backup in place is the IT best practice; any critical data that we have, we should be backing up because we’re ultimately responsible for it as an organization. But there are cases where a user intentionally does something that we learned is not covered by Google support, and that’s when we searched for a better backup solution for Google Apps.”

“You don’t throw away the solution when you find a gap, because there’s still a lot of good value in the G Suite solution. We just needed to find the missing piece.” And that piece was Spanning Backup for G Suite.

To read about how Spanning fits into this international nonprofit and helps keep them working on their mission instead of thinking about data loss, see their full user story here.

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