Your AWS re:Invent Cloud Security Survival Guide

AWS re:Invent is going to be a lot of things – informative, noisy, enlightening, sleepless, sure to be a helluva lot of fun, too. With expected attendance of close to 40,000, more than a thousand technical sessions, and being spread out over six massive facilities along the Vegas strip, re:Invent is a testament to the growing strength and influence of AWS and public clouds.

The team will be there in full force and prepared to chat with you about cloud security, your cloud strategy, and anything else that’s on your mind. We’ll be giving demos of our Evident Security Platform (ESP) and explaining how to apply continuous security and compliance monitoring to your cloud environments. Oh, and we’ll be handing out our Jurassic Cloud shirts.

re:Invent can be overwhelming, so we want to help you make the most of your time while in Vegas. Herewith is our handy guide to the event, with a particular emphasis on getting the most out of the event’s sessions and activities on cloud security. There’s a little fun thrown in as well:



  • Attend the keynotes on Wednesday and Thursday. Andy Jassy and Werner Vogels are sharp, prescient thinkers about the cloud and great speakers. Alumni tip:you can also stream these from the comforts of your hotel room.
  • Visit the team in booth #2000. We’ll be demo’ing the Evident Security Platform, and we’ll have technical and business representatives available so you can learn more about cloud security and opportunities for partnering with us. We’ve been resting up so we will be fully alert and ready to engage.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Attend session SID318 – From Obstacle to Advantage: The Changing Role of Security & Compliance in Your Organization. Our very own John Martinez will be joined by Jive Software’s Matt Willman in a discussion on the role of security and compliance. Specifically, these two experts will look at how organizations like Jive and the National Geospatial Agency use the Evident Security Platform and AWS to automate security and compliance processes in their organization to accomplish more, do it faster, and deliver better results.
  • Get a Jurassic Cloud t-shirt at booth #2000. These are already being considered for the Corporate Swag Hall of Fame.
    If you don’t live near a Shake Shack, go to the one at the New York New York. Just don’t go there when I’m there. I hate lines. And I’ll be there a lot.


It’s going to be a long week, but it will be a memorable one. We really hope you’ll make the time to visit with us!


Photo by Ezra Jeffrey on Unsplash

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